Chris Groves, Founder and Managing Director of Pureability, first discovered his life-long dedication to the healthcare sector through his passion for sport and fitness; chiefly through his passion for St Brendan’s Rugby Club in Bristol.

With 40 years experience in the global healthcare sector, Chris founded Pureability whilst mentoring three PhD students at Bristol University.

The team was particularly interested in developing new products in the field of wearable computing technology, focusing on spinal injuries giving new freedom to users with upper body paralysis.

The teams resultant SensaGEST technology went on to win the first prize in the Orthopaedic category of the Medical Futures Innovation Awards, being delighted to receive their accolade from Joanna Lumley & Rory Bremner.

This success gave Chris the idea to share his knowledge and contacts as an entrepreneur in the healthcare market with others, and to mentor both start-ups and established companies seeking growth through business consultancy and strategic partnerships.

The result was Pureability, a company dedicated to mentoring others to achieve success in the fast-moving global healthcare market.

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